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等質グループと異質グループのコミュニケーションの差異 : 慣性に関する課題を例にして
Differences in Communication on Inertial Force Between a Homogeneous Group and a Heterogeneous Group

2002 Journal of Science Education in Japan  
In this research , in order to get some ideas regarding the activity of communicating , I investigated what differences occur in the communication among homogeneous groups and heterogeneous groups . As a result of this research , the following four points became clear . and 1 got cLoser to understanding the makeup of groups in the activity of communicating . 1 ) In a homogeneous group which consisted of " superiors , " the members all tended to agree on the same scientifically correct
more » ... y correct conclusions , but because they omitted explanatory comments , suf 丘cient communication did not materialige . 2)In a homogeneous group which consisted of " inferiors . " even if the communication were advancing on a mistaken premise , the function which corrects such mistakes did not operate , and general understanding was not deepened . 3 ) The ideas of superiors in the heterogeneous group were sometimes confused by the remarks of inferiors . 4 ) Communication in the heterogeneous group was fruitful , and , especially f6r the inferiors in the group, there was effective communication which deepened general understanding ,
doi:10.14935/jssej.26.3 fatcat:o3ldwopcezbhlagbpbuwiz4fqa