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A Study on Minimization of Harbor Oscillations by Infragravity Waves Using Permeable Breakwater

Moon Su Kwak, Weon Mu Jeong
2020 Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers  
In this study, the minimization of harbor oscillation using permeable breakwater was applied to the actual harbor and investigated an effect of minimization by computer simulation in order to take into account the water quality problems and measures of harbor oscillation by infragravity waves at the same time. The study site is Mukho harbor located at East coast of Korea that harbor oscillation has been occurred frequently. The infragravity waves obtained by analyzing the observed field data
more » ... erved field data for five years focused on the distribution between wave periods of 40 s and 70 s and wave heights in less than 0.1 m was 94% of analyzing data. The target wave periods was 68.0 s. The most effective method of minimization of harbor oscillation by infragravity waves was to install a detached permeable breakwater with transmission coefficient of 0.3 on the outside harbor and replace some area of the vertical wall in the harbor with wave energy dissipating structure to achieve a reflectivity of 0.9 or less. The amplitude reduction rate of this method shown in 27.4%. And the effect of the difference in transmission coefficient of permeable breakwater on the reduction rate of the amplitude was not significant.
doi:10.9765/kscoe.2020.32.6.434 fatcat:n55vjsfd3nbplgbfr343g7nsla