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Finite Elements Multiphysics Investigation of Thermoelectric Systems for Electricity and Cooling Generation

2017 International Journal of Modern Studies in Mechanical Engineering  
This paper aims to present a numerical simulation study based on finite elements method of the thermo-electro-mechanical behavior for a thermoelectric module (TEM) under operating conditions. The main goal is to scrutinize and find explanations for module loss of performance and reliability. Both of the electricity and cooling generation and the thermo mechanical behavior are analyzed. Under a constant heat flux of energy density close to 25.9 kW/m², a maximum temperature and deformation of 219
more » ... deformation of 219 °C and 11.7 µm are obtained for the tested module. The temperature difference increase between upper and lower surface of the module has positive effect on the released power. The heat transfer coefficient value of the cooling fluid used for the module lower surface is found characterizing the water. Moreover, in open circuit, the tension increases as the length of the leg increases. Finally, the cooling capacity (Peltier effect) and the coefficient of performance COP of multi-stages module are investigated. For single stage module, the COP was maximum for a current intensity close to 0.4 A and COP >0.8 between [0.35A, 0.45A] and the increase of the stages number resulted in a decrease of the COP. Said Abboudi, is Professor UTBM and responsible for the research theme: Thermophysical Couplings and Optimization of Thermal Systems. He is interested in studying problems of: Modeling in mechanics and thermals, conduction and convection inverse, thermomechanical coupling, heat and mass transfer, with applications to heat exchangers, thermal barrier, renewable energy, solidification, fuel cells. He has supervised more than 20 thesis and more than 6 masters. He taught heat and mass transfer modeling courses, systems analysis and optimization, inverse methods in thermal, numerical methods in fluid mechanics, optimization of thermal systems and was responsible for several administrative activities. Hassan Kharroubi, is Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the High Engineering School of Medjez el Bab (ESIM, Tunisia) and its Director. He is interested in studying many problems of hydro-thermomechanical fields. He taught courses of general mechanics and mechanical systems for engineering student degrees and was responsible for several administrative activities.
doi:10.20431/2454-9711.0304001 fatcat:jvvvszzk2fau3dbcpoiw5nncpy