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Evaluation of the Automated Immunohematology Analyzer ORTHO VISION for ABO Antibody Titration

Banseok Kim, Yu jin Park, Jin Ju Kim, Eunkyung Lee, Sinyoung Kim, Hyun Ok Kim
2015 The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion  
ABO antibody titration is important in cases such as ABO incompatible hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN), ABO incompatible bone marrow, or solid organ transplantation. This study was conducted in order to evaluate usability of ORTHO VISION (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, USA) designed automated ABO antibody titration equipment. Methods: The isoagglutination titers were determined in 80 subjects (20 A, 20 B, 40 O (anti-A 20, anti-B 20)) using a conventional tube technique,
more » ... l tube technique, including a 30 minute room temperature phase (CTT), Dithiothreitol treated manual column agglutination technique (MCAT), and automated column agglutination technique (ACAT) by ORTHO VISION. The concordance of titer was compared within one dilution step between the two methods. Results: The isoagglutinin titers measured by the ACAT with anti-human globulin poly cassette (ACAT_Poly) and anti-human globulin IgG cassette (ACAT_IgG) were the highest and the isoagglutinin titer measured by the MCAT was also higher than that by the CTT. The isoagglutinin titer measured by the ACAT with reverse diluents cassette (ACAT_Reverse) was similar to that measured by the CTT. The concordance of anti-A and anti-B titers between CTT and ACAT_Reverse was 83% and 68%. The concordance of anti-A and anti-B titers between MCAT and ACAT_Poly was 100% and 83%. The concordance of anti-A and anti-B titers between MCAT and ACAT_IgG was 98% and 88%. Conclusion: Automated isoagglutinin titration using ACAT_Poly or ACAT_IgG without DTT showed reliable concordance with DTT treated MCAT, and it appears to be a possible replacement for the conventional MCAT method. (Korean J Blood Transfus 2015;26:257-265)
doi:10.17945/kjbt.2015.26.3.257 fatcat:2om7dcpl6bab7mv77kjz4qhkxm