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Natural Gauge Mediation with a Bino Next-to-Lightest Supersymmetric Particle at the LHC

James Barnard, Benjamin Farmer, Tony Gherghetta, Martin White
2012 Physical Review Letters  
Natural models of supersymmetry with a gravitino LSP provide distinctive signatures at the LHC. For a neutralino NLSP, sparticles can decay to two high energy photons plus missing energy. We use the ATLAS diphoton search with 4.8 fb^{-1} of data to place limits in both the stop-gluino and neutralino-chargino mass planes for this scenario. If the neutralino is heavier than 50 GeV, the lightest stop must be heavier than 580 GeV, the gluino heavier than 1100 GeV and charginos must be heavier than
more » ... st be heavier than approximately 300-470 GeV. This provides the first nontrivial constraints in natural gauge mediation models with a neutralino NLSP decaying to photons, and implies a fine tuning of at least a few percent in such models.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.109.241801 pmid:23368306 fatcat:borr67rncrdwvfrjcwcz6qwq7m