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Viscoelastic type magnetic effects and self-gravity on the propagation of MHD waves

Franca Franchi, Barbara Lazzari, Roberta Nibbi
2020 Meccanica (Milano. Print)  
We take up the challenge to explain the correlation between the Jeans instability topic towards star formation within the accelerated expansion of universe and the role of torsional shear-like Alfven waves in triggering the formation of network patterns, by proposing new mathematical models for self-gravitating interstellar non ideal MHD plasmas. The diffusion of the gravitational field is included via a parabolic Einstein's equation with the cosmological constant, whereas anomalous resistive
more » ... omalous resistive features are described through non ideal Ohm's laws incorporating inertia terms, to account of relaxation and retardation magnetic responses. We perform a spectral analysis to test the stability properties of the novel constitutive settings where dissipative and elastic devices act together, by emphasizing the differences with previous models. As a main result, we highlight the definition of a lower critical threshold, here called the Jeans-Einstein wavenumber, against collapse formation towards the formation of longitudinal gravito-magneto-sonic waves and transverse non gravitational Alfven waves exhibiting larger effective wavespeeds, due to the hyperbolic-parabolic diffusion of the magnetic field. Consequently shorter collisional times are allowable so, beyond the plasma-beta, another interesting key point is the definition of the Ohm number to revisit the timescale topic, towards reviewed Reynolds and Lundquist numbers able to better capture the microphysical phenomena of Magnetic Reconnection in narrow diffusion regimes.
doi:10.1007/s11012-020-01252-9 fatcat:dj7jq2skqba4vokhskmviaprny