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The Effect of Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract as Antioxidant on Stabilization of Butter Oil with Modified Fatty Acid Profile

M Nadeem, M Abdullah, A Khalique, I Hussain, A Mahmud, S Inayat
2013 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
Effect of methanolic leaf extract of Moringa oleifera for the stabilization of butter oil with modified fatty acid profile at ambient temperature was investigated. Twelve Sahiwal cows of first and early lactation were randomly stratified into two groups in a completely randomized design and fatty acid profile of milk fat was modified by feeding 300 grams calcium salts of fatty acids (per cow per day) to one group (G-1) and the second group was not fed on calcium salts of fatty acids (G-2).
more » ... y acids (G-2). Concentration of long chain fatty acids (C18:1 to C18:3) in milk of G-1 was increased from 30.33±0.174b to 35.36±0.14a% as compared to G-2. Milk fat of G-1 was turned into butter oil. Moringa oleifera leaf extract (MOLE) was incorporated into butter oil (from milk of G-1) at three different concentrations: T 1 = 400, T 2 = 600, and T 3 = 800 ppm. All these treatments were compared with a control, without any addition of MOLE. Peroxide value of T 2 in Schaal oven test (after 90 days of storage) was 5.35±0.29b as compared to control 16.64±0.42a (meq /kg). p-anisidine value and induction time (after 90 days of storage at ambient temperature) of T 2 and control were 12.45±0.63b, 28.67±1.36a (meq kg-1) and 10.84±0.28a and 3.95±0.14b hours, respectively. It was concluded that Moringa oleifera leaf extract at 600 ppm concentration may be used for the enhancement of oxidative stability of butter oil with modified fatty acid profile at ambient temperature.