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RFID Tag Ownership Transfer Protocol Using Lightweight Computing Operators
간단한 연산을 사용한 RFID 태그 소유권 이전 프로토콜

Jae-Dong Lee
2013 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
RFID thecnology has been widely adopted by industries for supply chain management. When a product item is manufactured RFID tag is attached to the product item and supply chain management among factories, distributors, retailers and customers needs to handle ownership transfer for the product item carefully. With RFID technology, the secure and efficient ownership transfer protocol is an important issue for the identification of product items and the overall system efficiency on supply chain.
more » ... on supply chain. Many ownership transfer protocols have been proposed now. They have security problems and use complex operations such as encryption operation and hash function. Lo et al. proposed a protocol using lightweight operations such as shift, addition, XOR, and random number generation[1]. However, this protocol has a security problem in which the secret key between the tag and the new owner is disclosed to the attackers, and it is also weak against the Fraud attack[2]. In this paper, we propose a new ownership transfer protocol using lightweight operations such as shift, addition, and random number generation. This protocol is the modified version of Lo et al.'s protocol and is secure against the security attacks.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2013.16.12.1413 fatcat:nds6p3rhnncdrky3wcv7ltaay4