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Multicolor photometry of the M dwarf Proxima Centauri

J. A. Frogel, D. E. Kleinmann, W. Kunkel, E. P. Ney, D. W. Strecker
1972 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Photometric observations of Proxima Centauri between 0.3 /x and 5 /x show that this star has an effective temperature of 2700° K, a bolometric luminosity of 6.7 X 10 30 ergs sec -1 , and a radius of 1.3 X 10 10 cm, agreeing with the calibration of the faint end of the main sequence made by Greenstein, Neugebauer, and Becklin (1970) .
doi:10.1086/129334 fatcat:ohjull7qpbhujfor5oplp6gocu