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Rumi and Iqbal's Concept of Divine Love, A Brief Analysis

Ateequllah Dar
2019 Litinfinite Journal  
This paper is written on the two multi-genius thinkers who were globally acknowledged to be the greatest poet philosphers/ and mystic par-excellence of the Islamic history. Rumi (Peer-e-Rumi)belongs to 13 th century and Muradee-Hindi (Iqbal) belongs to the 19 th century. Both have a close affinity on many facets and were imbibed with Islamic cannons, beliefs, norms, values and injuctions. Both were adequates of love, peace and oneness of mankind. In all creations, divine love is the crux in
more » ... is the crux in their philosophical systems. This paper is an attempt to highlight some similar glimpses of love as it is commonly misunderstood as solely a romantic relation between two individuals or two objects. Notwithstanding hardly anyone knows what the Divine Love is. Mere love to physical objects is an ephemeral, a lust and intense attachment of worldly pleasures which is a superficial understanding of true love. Divine Love is a central theme in their philosophy, a sublime, holy and remedy for all ailments of man's weakness. It is an ever-going activity without ending process. It is neither lust nor phantasy. It transcendences all worldly bondage and thus makes a man ture human according to Rumi and Iqbal. God is in search of a man who is really a man Shamas-i-Tabrez Rumi's Imapct on Iqbal ne is said to be the guide if he is the epitome of love, compasion, embodiment of knowledge and incarnation of the action, all these attributes where found in Rumi by Iqbal. He expounds that: Rumi turned the soil into an elixer. He has in me, Who is as valuable as dust, many; many manifestations. It was as if a particle from the desert soil set on a journey To obtain the light of the sun. I am a wave. I settled in his Sea in order to obtain a bright pearl. Rumi, who is not seperate From God, has manifested himself to me. It was that Rumi who Composed a Quran in the persian language. He told me;
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