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اضطراب شعر المهلهل بن ربیعة من منظــور القدماء (قراءة أخرى فی ضوء علمی العروض والقافیة)

شیرین أحمد السید عشمــاوی
2020 حولیة کلیة الدراسات الإسلامیة و العربیة للبنین بالقاهرة  
This research is concerned with the prosaic and rhyme analysis of Al-Muhalhal Ibn Rabeah Al-Taghlabi. The research is keen to specify the prosaic and rhyme characteristics of such poetry as well as highlighting the prosaic and rhyme issues to evaluate the clues which prove the strength of Al-Muhalhal's poetry. Such clues would refute the allegations of anxiety and difference as prescribed by some critics of Al-Muhalhal's poetry. Moreover, the researcher is keen on introducing some prosaic tips
more » ... some prosaic tips to be considered when giving preponderance to one of the various narrations of a single line of poetry. In addition, the research highlights the most important elements that would help the prosaic meter remain constant and straight despite the various narrations of the single line poetry. The research at hand includes a preamble, an introduction and two chapters. The introduction gives reasons why the researcher selected this topic, the objectives of the research, the approach and the road map. The preamble contains a synopsis of the poet and his life. The first chapter discusses the prosaic characteristics of Al-Muhalhal's such as distinctive characteristics of poetry meters as seen in the poetry of Al-Muhalhal's poetry. Next, the chapter displays some prosaic issues in the poetry of Al-Muhalhal. The second chapter discusses the characteristics of rhyme in the poetry of Al-Muhalhal such as the rhyme scheme and its types, the parsing of the rhyme scheme, poetic meters and the defects of Al-Muhalhal's poetry. The conclusion comes later on and it displays some of the most important findings of the research and recommendations. Finally, there is the bibliography and the abstract. Key words: rhyme and prosaic analysis, the anxiety in Al-Muhalhal's poetry. ‫القدماء‬ ‫منظور‬ ‫من‬ ‫ربيعة‬ ‫بن‬ ‫املهلهل‬ ‫شعر‬ ‫اضطراب‬ ‫العروض‬ ‫علمي‬ ‫ضوء‬ ‫يف‬ ‫أخرى‬ ‫قراءة‬ ‫والقافية‬ ‫ديسمرب‬ ‫إصدار‬ ‫والثالثون‬ ‫التاسع‬ ‫اجمللد‬ 2020 ‫م‬
doi:10.21608/bfsa.2020.173169 fatcat:3xwnk5huyfga7gjfddmj3nh42m