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Semileptonic Decays of Atomlike Hadrons in the Heavy Quark Effective Theory

T. Ito, T. Morii, M. Tanimoto
1993 Progress of theoretical physics  
561 Semileptonic decays of heavy flavored hadrons are analyzed in the heavy quark effective theory (HQET) with leading l/mQ corrections. All existing data for B-> D<*) Iv and 15-> K<*l Iv are reproduced well in virtue of l/mQ corrections, while the value of I VCbl derived by the HQET is almost independent of those corrections. In particular, l/ms corrections are remarkable for 15->K<*l/v. Semiloptonic decays of Ac and Ab are also discussed including the l/mQ corrections. theory can explain
more » ... ry can explain successfully physics of 15-'> K<*) lv decays or not. In this work, we intend to test the applicability of the HQET to the semileptonic decay of D mesons as well as B mesons. We treat both 13 -' > D<*) tv and 15 -' > K<*) tv on the same footing since both Band D mesons are typical atomlike mesons. At first sight, there seems to be no guarantee that the HQET can be applied even for decays into K<*) mesons like 15 -' > K<*) tv since the current mass of the s-quark is rather light. However, the HQET should be effective universally for all atomlike hadrons (Qq,
doi:10.1143/ptp/90.2.469 fatcat:oj767667yjcfxpdvhfr63dgpfm