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A Novel Memcapacitor and Its Application in a Chaotic Circuit [post]

Mei Guo, Ran Yang, Meng Zhang, Renyuan Liu, Yongliang Zhu, Gang Dou
2021 unpublished
In this paper, a novel memcapacitor is designed by SBT memristor and two capacitors. A fifth-order memcapacitor and memristor chaotic circuit is proposed. The stability of the equilibrium point of the system is analyzed theoretically. Lyapunov exponents spectra, bifurcation diagrams, poincaré maps and phase diagrams are used to analyze the dynamic behaviors of the system. The results show that under different initial values and parameters, the system produces rich dynamic behaviors such as
more » ... aviors such as stable points, limit cycles, chaos, and so on. Specially, coexisting attractors, transient chaos, and steady-state chaos accompanied by burst period phenomenon are also produced in the system. The proposed memcapacitor-based circuit expands the research methods of memcapacitor for application in chaoticcircuits.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:xv4mdpjp3nditk6fbq45kd3xtm