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Internal quality of eggs coated with cassava and yam starches

A.S.B. Mota, P.M.S. Lima, D.S. Silva, V.K.G. Abreu, E.R. Freitas, A.L.F. Pereira
2017 Revista Brasileira de Ciências Agrárias  
The objective of this study was to evaluate the egg quality stored at 25 and 5 °C with and without cassava and yam starches coatings for 28 days. The treatments used were: fresh eggs (T1), without coating stored at 5 °C (T2) and 25 °C (T3), with cassava (T4) and yam (T5), starches coatings. The eggs were analyzed for egg weight; weight loss; albumen, yolk and shell percentages; Haugh Units (HU); yolk color; and yolk and albumen pH. The egg weight, shell percentages, and yolk pH did not vary
more » ... pH did not vary among the treatments. The weight losses, albumen and yolk percentages of the eggs stored were higher when compared to T1. For HU, T2 did not differ of T1, maintaining the internal egg quality during storage. The other treatments had a reduction (p ≤ 0.05) of HU with storage. The yolk color of T2 was higher (p ≤ 0.05) than T1. The eggs stored at 25 °C not differ between themselves. The albumen pH of T3 was higher than of T1. The albumen pH of T2 and T5 were the lowest. Thus, the egg quality decreased with time and storage temperatures. The eggs stored with cassava and yam starches coatings had a reduction of internal quality for HU. However, for the parameters albumen pH, the coating of yam starch had good results, keeping the quality of the eggs during storage.
doi:10.5039/agraria.v12i1a5420 fatcat:gljmewogcreffehsb7wq5qctge