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A Hydraulic Conductivity Model Considering the Infiltration Characteristics Near Saturation in Unsaturated Slopes
불포화 사면의 포화 부근 침투 특성을 고려한 수리전도도 모델

Se-Boong Oh, Ki-Hun Park, Jun-Woo Kim
2014 Journal of the Korean Geotechnical Society  
Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity (HC) is integrated theoretically from soil water retention curves (SWRC) by Mualem capillary model, but the prediction of HC is extremely sensitive to small variation of matric suction near saturation. Near saturation, the Mualem HC based on smooth SWRC decreases abruptly and has problems in the reliability of hydraulic behavior and the stability of numerical solutions. To improve van Genuchten-Mualem (VGM) HC, the van Genuchten SWRC model is modified within
more » ... s modified within range of low matric suction (arbitrary air entry pressure). At an arbitrary air entry pressure, the VG SWRC is linearized in log scale until full saturation. The modified VG SWRC does not affect the fit of actual retention behavior and either the parameters of original VG SWRC fit. Using the modified VG SWRC, the VGM HC is modified to integrate for each interval decomposed by arbitrary air entry pressure. An analytical solution on modified VGM HC is proposed each interval, to protect the rapid change in HC near saturation. For silty soils, VGM models of HC function underestimate the unsaturated permeability characteristics and especially show rapid reduction near saturation. The modified VGM model predicts more accurate HC functions for Korean weathered soils. Furthermore, near saturation, the saturated HC is conserved by the modified VGM model. After 2-D infiltration analysis of an actual slope, the hydraulic behaviors are compared for VGM and the modified models. The prediction by the proposed model conserved the convergence of solutions on various rainfall conditions. However, the solution by VGM model did not converge since the conductivity near saturation reduced abruptly for heavy rainfall condition. Using VGM model, the factor of safety is overestimated in both initial and final stage during heavy rainfall. Stability analysis based on infiltration analysis could simulate the actual slope failure by the proposed model on HC. 요 지 불포화 수리전도도는 Mualem 모세관 모델에 의하여 이론적으로 함수특성곡선으로부터 적분된다. 하지만 예측된 수리전도도는 포화 부근에서 모관흡수력의 미소한 변화에도 극도로 민감하다. 원활한 형태의 함수특성곡선에 의한 Mualem 수리전도도는 포화 부근에서 급격하게 감소하며, 수리적 거동을 신뢰할 수 있게 모델하지 못하거나 수치 1 정회원, 영남대학교 건설시스템공학과 교수 (Member, Prof.,
doi:10.7843/kgs.2014.30.1.37 fatcat:nqngssarybfo7mqimcyggdlltu