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Evaluation of Relationship between Corrosion Thickness Reduction and Propagation Mode of AE Wave

Takuya Kurihara, Takuma Kagami, Matsuo Takuma, Taro Kono, Naoto Nakasato
2019 Zairyo-to-Kankyo  
Corrosion loss evaluation method for steel structure was investigated by acoustic emission AE signals with characteristics of Lamb wave. Relationship between wavelet coefficient of S 0 mode of Lamb wave AE signals and AE source depth were evaluated. The amplitude of the S 0 mode becomes higher as the AE source become closer to the thickness center. Thus, the corrosion depth can be evaluated by the strength ratio of S 0 mode and A 0 mode of Lamb wave AE signals.
doi:10.3323/jcorr.68.342 fatcat:abkermuqqfeblg7z4kv7mwncqe