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Chromite-platinum mineralization of clinopyroxenite-dunite massif Zheltaya Sopka, North Ural

I.A. Kuzmin, R.S. Palamarchuk, V.M. Kalugin, A.V. Kozlov, D.A. Varlamov
The paper presents the new data on platinum group minerals (PGM) and chromite from the Zheltaya Sopka massif, North Urals. Few chromite bodies along with specifc composition of chromite indicate weak ore-forming processes developed in this massif. Minakawaite (RhSb) and chengdeite (Ir3Fe) are found for the frst time in the Uralian Platinum Belt. The PGM assemblage of the Zheltaya Sopka massif is compared with that of the Iov, Yuda, and Sosnovsky dunite massifs of the northern part of the
more » ... part of the Uralian Platinum Belt. As a result, similar PGM assemblages with domi¬nant minerals of late assemblages are established in dunites of the Zheltaya Sopka massif. Chromites of the massif show no evident chromite-magnetite trend typical of clinopyroxenite-dunite massifs of the Urals and are relatively enriched in Cr2O3 and Al2O3 in comparison with chromite of other UPB massifs.
doi:10.35597/2313-545x-2020-6-4-3 fatcat:3z6imfohefcbrgk34um4x7l5ge