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1920 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Dee. 16.1OZO. 420 R REVIEW. Dyxticff Imports. Answering N r . Lnmhcrt,. Sir I?. Lloyd-Grcnmo pnvc the totiil vnltic of tlic iniports of dyestuffs for tlic period Jnnuarg to October, 1'320, ns 27,:181,1132, lvliich coin prisccl i n t crmctl in tcs (i ncliid ing n n il ino oil and mlt nnd phcnylglycinc) fG3G,OR8, finishctl coal-tar dyes E6,2G7,070, clgcing cstrncts 21 ,4S.1,760, and nnturnl indigo 203$?2. During tho snlnc pcriod tlic totnl mluc of tlic exports of tcstilcs in tho ninnnfncturc of
more » ... o ninnnfncturc of which dyes hnvc or mny linrc been used wns 2317,77O,SOG.-(Dcc. G.) T11e Dyestiiff Zndirstr1/. Sir P. Lloyd-Grcnmc, in n irrittcn niiswcr to A h . Qliinrillc, gnro n list of tho thirty-two principnl companics cngngcd in tlic manufncturc of dyestuffs in thc United lCing?oll; nnd in anotlicr rcply to tho snmc member 110 s n~d thnt tlic terms of tlic IICW Bill (cf. s.) had IICCII nrrircd nt after ccnfcrciiccs with tho Cnlico Uscrs' Associnticn, tl?o British Dyestuffs &rporntlon, niid the Assocint1oii of British Chcinical Manufncturcrs, tho Inst-named rcprcscnting also tho otlicr dye-iiinkcrs n11d tho inunufncturcrs of intcrmcdintcs.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000392309 fatcat:6kituvo7wvh25jcbmr6pouhgpq