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Issue 2 Article 1 1998 Recommended Citation Editors

1998 Antipodes   unpublished
The Publication o f th e A m erican A ssociation o f ____________ A ustralian Literary S tudies____________ D E C E M B E R 1 9 9 8 □ B io g r a p h y 131 V eronica Brady, South o f M y Days: A Biography o f Judith Wright-N ancy P o tter 132 R obyn H olm es, Patricia Shaw, P eter C am pbell, Tarry Sitsky: A Bio-Bibliography-D e b o ra h H ayes □ ART 133 N ew Worlds from Old: I 9 h Century Australian Cr American Tandscapes, W adsw orth A th en eu m-T ina K ane □ Co m m e n t a r y 134 Jo h n
more » ... r y 134 Jo h n Carroll, Ego and Soul: The Modem West in Search o f Meaning-M argaret B oe Birns □ M e m o ir 135 M andy Sayer, Dreamtime Alice-A Memoir-R o b ert Ross 70 □ D e c e m b e r 1998