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Neutron-Proton Scattering below 20 MeV

H. Pierre Noyes
1963 Physical Review  
Critical examination and analysis of existing n-p scattering data below 20 Mev reveals that they provide quantitative information only about the S-wave scattering lengths and effective ranges, which are found to be at = 5.396 + 0.011 F; a = -23.678 t 0.028 F; S rt = 1.726 5 0.014 F; rs = 2.51 t 0.11 k 0.043 F where the second error quoted for r is a conservative estimate of the S uncertainty due to departures from the shape-independent approximation. The correlations in error are <&at&as>=
more » ... are <&at&as>= -0.7828 6atSas ;<6at6rs>= -0.8547 6at6rs ; <6as6rs>= 0.7029 6as6rs An estimate of the contribution to the total cross section from scattering in higher angular momentum states, based on model calculations, p-p phases, and,the cos 8 term in the differential cross section, allows program is briefly discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrev.130.2025 fatcat:wwjzh2xo4fc2vpzrizjjowa7iq