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Results of the radiological survey at 1110 Central Avenue, Albany, New York (AL215) [report]

J.L. Marley, R.F. Carrier
1988 unpublished
A major purpose of the Techni cal Information Center is to provide the broadest dissemination possi ble of information contained in DOE's Research and Development Reports to business, industry, the academic community, and federal, state and local governments. Although a small portion of this report is not reproducible, it is being made available to expedite the availability of information on the research discussed herein. oml ORNL/RASA-87 112 (AL215) fie a OAK RIDGE APH o 6 j 9 8 9 NATIONAL
more » ... 9 8 9 NATIONAL LABORATORY MAHTIN MARIETTA RESULTS OF THE RADIOLOGICAL SURVEY AT 1110 CENTRAL AVENUE. ALBANY. NEW YORK (AL215) MASTER OPERATED BY MARTIN MARIETTA ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC MSl'MBUTIHN Ul \v. iu UOCUMCN? \t jfeimim FOR THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY This njport was prtparad as an account of work sponsored by an agancy of tna 'Omtad SUtas Govarnmant. Naithar ma U mttd Stataa Govammant nor any agancy tharaof. nor any of thair ampkjyaaa. mtkas any warranty, axprsss or tfnpliad. or asaumas any lagai liability or responsibility for tna accuracy compiatanass. or usafuinass of any information apparatus, product or procsss disclosad. or rapraaants tfiat • ts usa wouid not mtrmga pnvataiy ownad rights Raferanca haram to any tpacific commercial product, proctaa. or sarvicaby trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, dots not nacaaaanly constituta or imply its endorsement racommandation. or favonng by tna Unitad Statas Govarnmant or any agancy thereof Tha »>aw» and opinions of authors expressed harem do not necessarily state or reflect tnoaa of tha Uniiad Stataa Govammant or any agancy tharaof
doi:10.2172/6327760 fatcat:7xnbxq7vqfabdfvlg4qqml4seq