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Weak Violation of Electroneutrality in the Heliogeospheres: Electroneutrality Disorders

P.I. Vysikaylo
2020 Herald of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Series Natural Sciences  
We prove that the occurrence of constant fluxes of positive ions with a large ratio of the charge number (Z) to the mass number of the ion (M) --- Z/M in the solar wind (SW) is due to an insignificant violation of the electroneutrality of the Sun and the entire heliosphere, the absence of Debye shielding of the solar charge due to due to the presence of a constant flux (current) of high-energy electrons from the Sun throughout the heliosphere and the appearance for protons, alpha particles and
more » ... lpha particles and other positive ions with a ratio Z/M ≥ 0.107, Coulomb mirrors that reflect and accelerate them reflecting and accelerating them from the Sun. For the first time, the effective charge (1.4 kC) and other parameters of a positively charged Sun, which make it possible to estimate the electric field strength (E/N) reduced to particle density (N), were calculated from the ionic composition of SW (according to the minimum Z/M positive ions observed in experiments). This model allowed us to estimate the electric field intensity (E/N) reduced to the density of particles N in the photosphere, chromosphere, corona of the Sun (E/N ≈ 27· 103 Td), heliosphere and to investigate the conditions necessary for reflection of various positively charged particles --- ions from the positively charged Sun
doi:10.18698/1812-3368-2020-3-88-106 fatcat:fup6cg3jqrcctjnvywm2lb67ru