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Influence of AISI D2 Workpiece Roughness on Heat Partition and Plasma Channel Radius in the WEDM Process

Jun Wang, Jose Antonio Sánchez, Borja Izquierdo, Izaro Ayesta
2020 Metals  
As an important advanced machining process, in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) certain fundamental issues remain need to be studied in-depth, such as the effect of part surface roughness on heat transfer mechanisms. In the WEDM process, roughing cut wire goes into the workpiece to do the first shaping and in trim cut the wire sweeps on the outer surface to improve the surface roughness. In both of these two cases, the generation of sparks depends on the passing surface roughness.
more » ... face roughness. Therefore, with AISI D2 material and brass wire, this paper presents a study of the influence of part surface roughness on heat partition and the radius of the plasma channel in the WEDM process. Through extensive single discharge experiments, it is shown that the removal capacity per discharge can increase if the discharge occurs on a smoother surface. A Finite Element thermal model was then used for inverse fitting of the values of heat partition and radius of the plasma channel. These parameters completely define the characteristics of the heat conduction problem. The results indicate a strong correlation between an increase in heat partition ratio and a decrease in part surface roughness. The values of plasma channel radius show an increase in this value when discharging on rougher surfaces. It means that with the increasing of plasma channel radius, the heat source goes into the workpiece more dispersed. In the case of rougher surface, although the there is more area that affected by the heat source, finally the temperature of most area cannot reach to the melting point and it causes the smaller crater radius and volume, while the metal removal rate decreases. These results contribute towards a more complete understanding of the influence of surface roughness to the spark occurring.
doi:10.3390/met10101360 fatcat:3l5fxo536rgnxhwjg6mn77e4kq