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Polarization Enhanced GaN Avalanche Photodiodes with p-type $\mathbf{In}_{0.05}\mathbf{Ga}_{0.95}$N layer

Haiping Wang, Haifan You, Danfeng Pan, Dunjun Chen, Hai Lu, Rong Zhang, Youdou Zheng
2020 IEEE Photonics Journal  
In this letter, novel heterostructure p-i-n GaN avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with p-type In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N layer are proposed and analyzed through Silvaco Atlas simulations. The introduction of the In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N layer generates a negative polarization charge at the p-In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N/i-GaN heterojunction interface via the piezoelectric polarization effect. Three times higher hole concentration in the p-In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N layer is obtained due to the smaller activation energy of the Mg
more » ... rgy of the Mg dopant. Induced polarization charge and increased hole concentration work together to reduce the voltage drop in the p-In 0.05 Ga 0.95 N layer and enhance the electric field intensity in the i-GaN layer. The calculated results show that the heterostructure APD demonstrates a reduced operating voltage of more than 26 V and an improved multiplication gain by an order of magnitude in comparison to the conventional one.
doi:10.1109/jphot.2020.2969991 fatcat:nn3s3lrz75awfblpzfidh6y7pu