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Developing a New Surrogate Safety Indicator Based on Motion Equations

Hamid Behbahani, Navid Nadimi, Hooman Alenoori, Mina Sayadi
2014 Promet (Zagreb)  
Collision avoidance system (CAS), with the help of surro- gate safety measures is a beneficial tool for reducing driver errors and preventing rear-end collisions. One of the most well-known surrogate safety measures to detect rear-end conflicts is Time-to-collision (TTC). TTC refers to the time remaining before the rear-end accident if the course and the speed of vehicles are maintained constant. Different surrogate measures have been derived from TTC; however, the most important are Time
more » ... tant are Time Exposed Time-to-collision (TET) and Time Integrated Time -to-collision (TIT). In this paper a new surrogate safety measure based on TTC notion has been developed. This new indicator merges TET and TIT into one measure and gives a score between 0 and 100%, as the probability of collision. Applying this indicator in CAS as a safety measure will be more useful than TET&TIT, to reduce driver errors and rear-end collisions.
doi:10.7307/ptt.v26i5.1388 fatcat:5zmijrl5njfejo6js2gsufzq7m