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Influences of Body Condition Score and Somatic Cell on the Productivity and Economic Efficiency of the Dairy Cows with Special Highlighting on its Milk Constituents

Abdelgawad S El-Tahawy
2017 Journal of Dairy Veterinary & Animal Research  
A total of 2874 cows belonging to six farms which responded to the request had been sent to 17 farms to participate in this study and have all needed data. Those six farms were distributed in the three provinces representing the Nile delta in Egypt: two farms located in Beheira, two farms located in Alexandria, and two farms located in Kafr El-Sheikh. Those cows were selected from different lactation order. The lactation order investigated in this study was classified as; first lactation,
more » ... st lactation, second lactation, third lactation, and higher than three lactations. The selected farms were similar in the production system, feeding method, and udder health management. Twenty five samples of bulk tank milk from the six farms were randomly collected every month staring from March 2015 to April 2016 totaling 1800 samples for somatic cell count (SCC) analysis. Body condition score (BCS) was determined and was classified into three groups as good (3-4), medium (2) and poor (1-5). The obtained results revealed that poor body condition score cows have significantly lower Fat% (3.10 %) when compared with the medium BCS(3.88 %) and good BCS(4.10 %). Likewise, Protein % follows the same trend as Fat %. Good and medium BCS have 3.85% and 3.51 %, respectively more than 2.95% recorded for poor BCS. In regard to the solid % among the body condition score groups, poor body condition score cows have 11.10 % lower than the percentage obtained for medium body condition score (13.23%) and good BCS(13.69%). SNF (Solid Not Fat) % precedes the same trend as solid%. In terms of the relation between SCC and average milk yield, it has been remarked that milk of cows have SCC 100-199×10 3 and 200-299× 10 3 have higher average milk yield (29.33 ± 1.31 kg and 28.50 ± 2.24 kg, respectively) when compared with the comparable cows having milk with SCC399× 10 3 and >400× 10 3 . Furthermore, a negative correlation between SCC and milk return was detected however the total costs have positive correlation with SCC. In conclusion, BCS and SCC were confirmed as beneficial implement for mediating the cow farm health, milk constituents, and cow farm revenue.
doi:10.15406/jdvar.2017.05.00160 fatcat:nemyzkddfnchzgtw3ch6skh3vi