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Dependence of Hole Concentration in p-Type Silicon Solar Cell Wafers on Temperature and on Position within the Polycrystalline Ingot

Hideharu Matsuura, T. Ishida, K. Nishikawa, N. Fukunaga, T. Kuroda
2003 Solid State Phenomena  
Conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon pn solar cells, which are fabricated using wafers sliced out of B-doped p-type poly-Si ingots, strongly depends on where it is taken from within the ingot. Since the wafers near the bottom or top of the ingot cannot be used for commercial solar cells, the relationship between the conversion efficiency and the temperature dependence of the hole concentration in poly-Si wafers is investigated. It is found that the hole concentrations are classified
more » ... ions are classified into three categories. In wafers near the bottom of the ingot it is abnormal because it shows a peak, while the behavior in wafers near the top results from the incorporation of another acceptor species into the wafers or the creation of defects in the wafers besides B acceptors.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:7sv3ced52jaofkj63gabzdgy6e