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Ferrite-Enhanced U-Shaped Internal Antenna for Large-Area Inductively Coupled Plasma System

Kyong Nam Kim, Jong Hyeuk Lim, Woong Sun Lim, Geun Young Yeom
2010 IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science  
A Ni-Zn ferrite-enhanced U-shaped internal inductive antenna (240 mm × 2300 mm) operated at 2 MHz was used as a linear plasma source for an ultralarge-area plasma, and its plasma and electrical characteristics were investigated and compared with those of the antenna operated at 13.56 MHz without the ferrite. By the magnetic field enhancement, the operation of the source showed higher power transfer efficiency, lower antenna impedance, and lower RF rms voltage compared to that operated at 13.56
more » ... operated at 13.56 MHz without the ferrite. When photoresist etch uniformity was measured by etching the photoresist using a 40-mtorr Ar/O 2 (7 : 3) mixture at 2 MHz by locating three U-shaped antennas in parallel, the etch uniformity less than 11% could be obtained on the substrate size of 2300 mm × 2000 mm. Index Terms-Flat panel display processing, inductively coupled plasma (ICP), internal antenna.
doi:10.1109/tps.2009.2037966 fatcat:o776r4j4ofa3ncfhbnss47v2um