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Lack of AKAP3 disrupts integrity of the subcellular structure and proteome of mouse sperm and causes male sterility

Kaibiao Xu, Lele Yang, Lan Zhang, Huayu Qi
2020 Development  
The development and maintenance of the correct morphology of sperm is important for their functions. Cellular morphogenesis of sperm occurs during the post-meiotic developmental stage; however, little is known about what coordinates this process. In the present study, we investigated the role of A-kinase anchoring protein 3 (AKAP3) during mouse spermiogenesis, using both mouse genetics and proteomics. It was found that AKAP3 is essential for the formation of the specific subcellular structure
more » ... ellular structure of the sperm flagellum, motility of sperm and male fertility. Additionally, lack of AKAP3 caused global changes of the sperm proteome and mislocalization of sperm proteins, including accumulation of RNA metabolism and translation factors and displacement of PKA subunits in mature sperm, which may underlie misregulated PKA activity and immotility in sperm. Interestingly, sperm lacking a complete fibrous sheath from both Akap3 and Akap4 null mice accumulated F-actin filaments and morphological defects during post-testicular maturation in the epididymis. These results suggest that the subcellular structures of sperm could be formed via independent pathways, and elucidate the roles of AKAP3 during the coordinated synthesis and organization of the sperm proteome and sperm morphology.
doi:10.1242/dev.181057 pmid:31969357 fatcat:imsmjyyporapjdybaelbrurnta