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Monitoring Strain Response of Epoxy Resin during Curing and Cooling Using an Embedded Strain Gauge

Hongyu Dong, Huiming Liu, Arata Nishimura, Zhixiong Wu, Hengcheng Zhang, Yemao Han, Tao Wang, Yongguang Wang, Chuanjun Huang, Laifeng Li
2020 Sensors  
The present work describes the monitoring system of the real-time strain response on the curing process of epoxy resin from the initial point of curing to the end, and the change in strain during temperature changes. A simple mould was designed to embed the strain gauge, thermometer, and quartz standard sample into the epoxy resin, so that the strain and the temperature were simultaneously measured and recorded. A cryogenic-grade epoxy resin was tested and the Differential Scanning Calorimetry
more » ... anning Calorimetry (DSC) was used to analyse the curing process. Based on the DSC results, three curing processes were adopted to investigate their influence on strain response as well as residual strain of the epoxy resin. Moreover, impact strength of the epoxy resin with various curing temperatures were tested and the results indicate that the curing plays a crucial role on the mechanical properties. The method will find cryogenic application of epoxy adhesives and epoxy resin based composites to monitor the strain during the curing process as well as the cryogenic service.
doi:10.3390/s21010172 pmid:33383884 fatcat:uvxrph6jxrdd7bi5mnc2zzjpxy