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Development of material optimization technology for small structure

2020 Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)  
Recently many products with high quality, high dignity, high confidence, multipurpose and originality in innovation technology were developed. Now everyone still desires the higher properties for several products. Therefore, in this research, the material optimization technology for small structures was developed and evaluated. The some small structures were desired for miniaturizing, weight saving and energy saving in the products. The concept of "material optimization" is a new and general
more » ... new and general idea. This material is the composite type. The material optimization technology regarding Young's modulus, density, coefficient of linear expansion, specific heat and thermal conductivity was spread in this research. The calculation models for the properties were firstly cleared. The manufacturing method for small structures with the desired properties was also developed. Then the small structure with the material optimization were calculated through a newly developed program and were made by the new manufacturing method. The small structure with the material optimization was manufactured and evaluated. It is concluded from the results that the technology was very effective and useful for development of a new composite material with several hybrid properties.
doi:10.1299/transjsme.20-00001 fatcat:tdmurwdrtzh43mv4v6gbagoouu