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A fuzzy perceptual model for map building and navigation of mobile robots

Eugenio Aguirre, José F. Argudo, Antonio González, Raúl Pérez
2004 Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering  
The way of understanding the role of perception along the intelligent robotic systems has evolved greatly since classic approaches to the reactive behavior-based approaches. Classic approaches tried to model the environment using a high level of accuracy while in reactive systems usually the perception is related to the actions that the robot needs to undertake so that such complex models are not generally necessary. Regarding hybrid approaches is likewise important to understand the role that
more » ... tand the role that has been assigned to the perception in order to assure the success of the system. In this work a new perceptual model based on fuzzy logic is proposed to be used in a hybrid deliberative-reactive architecture. This perceptual model deals with the uncertainty and vagueness underlying to the ultrasound sensor data, it is useful to carry out the data fusion from different sensors and it allows us to establish various levels of interpretation in the sensor data. Furthermore, using this perceptual model an approximate world model can be built so that the robot can plan its motions for navigating in an office-like environment. Then the navigation is accomplished using the hybrid deliberative-reactive architecture and taking into account the perceptual model to represent the robot's beliefs about the world. Experiments in simulation and in an real office-like environment are shown for validating the perceptual model integrated into the navigation architecture.
doi:10.3233/ica-2004-11304 fatcat:woyyw2ngnzhf5bphgvcb2jlgt4