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Solid Waste Gasification: Comparison of Single- and Multi-Staged Reactors [chapter]

Xianhui Zhao, Kai Li, Meghan E. Lamm, Serdar Celik, Lin Wei, Soydan Ozcan
2021 Gasification [Working Title]  
Interest in converting waste into renewable energy has increased recently due to concerns about sustainability and climate change. This solid waste is mainly derived from municipal solid waste (MSW), biomass residue, plastic waste, and their mixtures. Gasification is one commonly applied technology that can convert solid waste into usable gases, including H2, CO, CH4, and CO2. Single- and multi-staged reactors have been utilized for solid waste gasification. Comparison in reactor dimensions,
more » ... ctor dimensions, operating factors (e.g., gasification agent, temperature, and feed composition), performance (e.g., syngas yield and selectivity), advantages, and disadvantages are discussed and summarized. Additionally, discussion will include economic and advanced catalysts which have been developed for use in solid waste gasification. The multi-staged reactor can not only be applied for gasification, but also for pyrolysis and torrefaction.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.96157 fatcat:bwbbvfq65bb4jnt2gz6o5mky24