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Cell-type specific patterned stimulus-independent neuronal activity in the Drosophila visual system during synapse formation [article]

Orkun Akin, Bryce T. Bajar, Mehmet F. Keles, Mark A. Frye, S. Lawrence Zipursky
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Stereotyped synaptic connections define the neural circuits of the brain. In vertebrates, stimulus-independent activity contributes to neural circuit formation. It is unknown whether this type of activity is a general feature of nervous system development. Here, we report patterned, stimulus-independent neural activity in the Drosophila visual system during synaptogenesis. Using in vivo calcium, voltage, and glutamate imaging, we found that all neurons participate in this spontaneous activity,
more » ... ntaneous activity, which is characterized by brain-wide periodic active and silent phases. Glia are active in a complementary pattern. Each of the 15 examined of the over 100 specific neuron types in the fly visual system exhibited a unique activity signature. The activity of neurons that are synaptic partners in the adult was highly correlated during development. We propose that this cell type-specific activity coordinates the development of the functional circuitry of the adult brain.
doi:10.1101/376871 fatcat:ykmgk3khdfb6hmqt2eq22xozta