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Antimicrobial activity of 5-nitrovinylimidazoles

A. M. Grozav, S. Ye. Deyneka, V. O. Chornous, V. I. Antoniychuk
2019 Chernivtsi University Scientific Herald. Chemistry  
A rapid development of the microbial resistance against antibiotics is one of the most acute problems occurring at contagious diseases treatment. That is why the search of new highly active antimicrobial drugs is a problem of the constant and significant scientific importance. Using the "Pass Online" software, a series of compounds with potentially high antimicrobial activity/inactivity efficiency has been selected among the derivatives of the 5-carbofunctionalized imidazoles. It was found that
more » ... . It was found that the 5-nitrovinylimidazoles should exhibit the highest activity. Nitrofural and Clotrimazole are used commonly in medicine as antimicrobial and antifungal medicines and they were selected as the reference compounds to compare an activity of the compounds involved into this investigation. Five inhibition activity indexes were used to evaluate a potential antimicrobial efficiency of the proposed compounds: an ability to inhibit the ATPase of the lipid transfer; the chloride peroxidase, the phthalate-1,6-beta-glucosidase; the NADPH-peroxidase and the endo-1,6-beta-glucosidase. The results obtained in this investigation have proven that these indexes are quite high for both the proposed novel compounds and for the reference medicines. All theoretical results have also been verified experimentally and all the reported compounds have shown a sufficient antimicrobial efficiency against reference strains of the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus, Eschericia Coli and the fungi Candida Albicans when applied as solutions with concentrations 0.24-500 μg/L. Therefore, they may have a significant potential for the further investigations. An acute toxicity of the compounds has been evaluated by using the software «GUSAR Online Acute Rat Toxicity Prediction». An additional relevance control of the toxicity evaluation was realized by the toxicity cross-verification with the reference compounds Clotrimazole and Nitrofural. It was found that the reported 5-nitrovinylimidazoles can be classified as the fourth toxicity class chemicals.
doi:10.31861/chem-2019-818-07 fatcat:ficxffkbybhqpguj6z2wr5htri