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EE11704011-Waste Heat Recovery on Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace (Design & Manufacturing)

Rakeshsiddheshwar Shrikantpawar, Jscoe, Jscoe
International Engineering Research Journal Special Edition PGCON   unpublished
Energy is very precious and wastage is unaffordable. Energy sources are very much limited on our planet and hence we must do every effort to save or recover energy going waste without use. In Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant lot of heat energy is going in to atmosphere as a waste along with flue gases. One can recover this and can reuse it to reduce fuel consumption and to improve quality of Galvanizing in same plant. Calculation of Potential of this waste energy by Flue Gas Analysis and Combustion
more » ... s and Combustion Calculations is very important to design a Heat Exchanger. Most important is to select the location for of recovered energy. In Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) optimum Thermal Design of recovery unit and reuse unit is very important. A round around coil technique is very much suitable for such kind of Medium Temperature Heat Recovery. To make unit compact Finned Tube or Plate Type heat exchangers are designed for recovery and reuse units. Pressure drop calculations for flue gas side are very high importance while designing WHR Units (WHRU) as performance of Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace should not affected by WHRU. Manufacturing of WHRU also plays important role in final performance, Sound Engineering Practices (SEP) are required during manufacturing. Validation of design is done by analyzing results of WHRU after successful commissioning.