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Einsatz eines Geographischen Informationssystems zur Untersuchung der Verbreitung einer Rinderkrankheit in Afrika

K. Kundert
1990 Geographica Helvetica  
East Coast fever (ECF)killshundredsofthousandsofcattle in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa each year. To focus safe and cost-effective disease control programmes, the distribu¬ tion of cattle and buffalo, the main hosts ofthe disease, as well as the present and potential distribution of the tick which carries ECF have to be considered. Maps of the relevant Parame¬ ters describing the present Situation of ECF were digitized by the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi in
more » ... irobi in conjunction with the International Laboratory for Research On Animal Disease. Potentially suitable areas for the tick were determmed by interpolating and modeling data from meteor¬ ological stationsusing altitude information to improve the results of the interpolationand incorporating satellite derived Vegetation data. By comparing the map of potential areas with the present distribution of ECF, tick and host, criti¬ cal regions may be identified, where the disease is not yet present, but into which it could spread.
doi:10.5194/gh-45-168-1990 fatcat:xrmnmqlkyjd3zclhp4djf2reuq