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First isolation of Neospora caninum in dogs in Al-Muthana Province, Iraq

Muhammed Mallah, Khairy Abdullah, Dawood Mohsen, Abed Alrodhan
Journal of Pure Sciences...Number   unpublished
A total of 180 fecal samples were collected from farm dogs during march-2010 and June-2011.Fecal samples of dogs were examined microscopically for detecting Hammondia-Neospora like oocysts (HNLO) by direct method and flotation method using Sheathers solution. HNLO were detected microscopically in 12 fecal samples. The fecal samples with HNLO were examined by N. caninum species-specific PCR, three of the samples were positive for N. caninum(1.6 %). This is the first report of finding N.caninum
more » ... finding N.caninum DNA or oocysts in feces of farm dogs in AL-Muthana Province, Iraq.