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1854 Scientific American  
Machinery for Mnklnll 8p1l<e .. Thll manufacture of cut nails and spikes by machinery in our country, is of great import ance on account of its present and fast-in creasing magnitude, We believe that the honor of constructing the first machine for cutting nails belongs to America, and extends as far back as the days of the Revolution. Since that time great improvements have been made, aud owing to the vast amount of nails which our people require for building, &c., we believe that more cut
more » ... that more cut nails are used in the United States than in all other coun tries put together. Cut nails are clipped or out out from metal plates by reciprocating knives, and are not made tapering. The rna" chinery referred to in the above caption is for making square nails, or spikes, tapered on all sides and drawn to a point, and for which a pat�nt was granted to John Wootton, of Boonton, N. J., on the 29th of last month.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09161854-4d fatcat:bn77dr4uw5b5ti6mbcph4oupom