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Genetic Diversity and Origin of Chinese Domestic Goats Revealed by Complete mtDNA D-loop Sequence Variation

R. Y. Liu, C. Z. Lei, S. H. Liu, G. S. Yang
2006 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
China has numerous native domestic goat breeds, but so far there has been no extensive study on genetic diversity, population demographic history, and origin of Chinese goats. To determine the origin and genetic diversity of Chinese goats, we analyzed the complete mtDNA D-loop sequences of 183 goats from 13 breeds. The haplotype diversity value found in each breed ranged from 0.9333 to 1.0000. The nucleotide diversity value ranged from 0.006337 to 0.025194. Our results showed that there were
more » ... that there were four mtDNA lineages (A, B, C and D), in which lineage A was predominant, lineage B was moderate, and lineages C and D were at low frequencies. Lineages C and D were observed only in the Tibetan breed. The results revealed multiple maternal origins of Chinese domestic goats. There was weaker geographical structuring in the 13 Chinese goat populations, which suggested that there existed high gene flow among goat populations caused by the extensive transportation of goats in the course of history. (
doi:10.5713/ajas.2007.178 fatcat:o4zrqcehvbdzpai2casty3dxhq