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The In-Depth Stress Distribution for 1H13 Specimen after Cutting

Elżbieta Gadalińska, Wojciech Wronicz, Maciej Malicki
2016 Fatigue of Aircraft Structures  
Measuring the in-depth stress state is of vital importance for materials scientists. Strain gauges methods are capable of yielding information only about the surface stress state. Diffraction methods using synchrotron or neutron radiation, which allow totally non-destructive stress measurements inside the material, are not widely available. In this context, the best widely available method combines the X-ray diffraction stress measurements and gradual removal of the outer layer by means of
more » ... er by means of electropolishing. Here, this method was applied to the specimen made of 1H13 stainless steel cut with under water on a corundum cut-off wheel. The idea was to investigate how deeply an additional stress state resulting from cutting was introduced and whether the technique of combining of X-ray diffractometry and electropolishing can be used widely for determining the stress state inside the specimen.
doi:10.1515/fas-2016-0005 fatcat:txupxpoi5vhunllu4snjyn7ivm