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A measurement study of the subresource integrity mechanism on real-world applications

Kailas Patil, Ronak Shah
2018 International Journal of Security and Networks (IJSN)  
Content Security Policy (CSP) is a browser security mechanism that aims to protect websites from content injection attacks. To adopt CSP, website developers need to manually compile a list of allowed content sources. Nearly all websites require modifications to comply with CSP's default behavior, which blocks inline scripts and the use of the eval() function. Alternatively, websites could adopt a policy that allows the use of this unsafe functionality, but this opens up potential attack
more » ... tial attack vectors. In this paper, our measurements on a large corpus of web applications provide a key insight on the amount of efforts web developers required to adapt to CSP. Our results also identified errors in CSP policies that are set by website developers on their websites. To address these issues and make adoption of CSP easier and error free, we implemented UserCSP a tool as a Firefox extension. The UserCSP uses dynamic analysis to automatically infer CSP policies, facilitates testing, and gives savvy users the authority to enforce client-side policies on websites.
doi:10.1504/ijsn.2018.10013673 fatcat:rf4i4jtrxjal7okudp2dqvm2ka