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A High Frequency Self-Reconfigurable Battery for Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Rémy Thomas, Ghislain Despesse, Sylvain Bacquet, Eric Fernandez, Yan Lopez, Prince Ramahefa-Andry, Léandro Cassarino
2021 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
This article presents an innovative self-reconfigurable battery (SRB) architecture, which is able to generate directly at its output any waveform signals. Thanks to that specific characteristic of the proposed system, it is even possible to dispense with any AC charger. Although the individual ability of each cell in the battery pack to perform an efficient active cell balancing has been already studied in the literature, the system presented in this article is the first of its kind. This
more » ... ts kind. This article describes a real prototype of a high frequency SRB of 128 cells and demonstrates that it can be charged without any dedicated charger directly on the electrical grid, by generating a sinusoidal waveform voltage, while perfectly balancing the cells in real time.
doi:10.3390/wevj12010008 fatcat:x2xhcltiwzfvjhay2e4eco26vu