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Peire Vidal, "Bon'aventura don Dieus als Pizas" (BdT 364.14)

Marco Grimaldi
2013 Lecturae Tropatorum  
The poem examined here, probably composed in Italy, is mainly known for its historical interest and as a satire of the Germans. In "Bon'aventura", in fact, Peire Vidal seems to be siding openly with the Marquis Boniface I of Monferrato and the Lombard communes, that were at war with the Emperor Henry IV, who had invaded Italy at the end of 1194. This paper, which reproduces Avalle's edition and basically confirms the usual date between autumn 1194 and April 1195, will discuss the precise
more » ... the precise relationship between poetry and politics in Peire Vidal's work through an analysis of the song's value as a document in relation to contemporary sources. Thus it will examine the troubadour's attitude to the events of his day and attempt to outline a fluid and 'regional' political loyalty which the poet from Toulouse shares with his contemporaries.
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