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Female First Names Converted into Surnames

Teodor Oanca, Craiova University
2021 Philologia  
The current expression of the lineage in Romanian anthroponymy, resulting in a surname, is achieved by deriving the father's name with the suffix -escu (Ion Marinescu = Ion son of Marin), by the mother's name in the genitive case, with the agglutinate Genitive article (Ion Amariei), or by the personal name of the father or mother (Ana Dumitru, Ion Maria), which joins the child's personal name. Female personal names became surnames when the decisive role in the family was attributed to the
more » ... ibuted to the mother, with the children relating to her and not to the father. In these cases, the Act on Names from 1895 ratified the mother's name as a last name. The Annex contains 146 surnames derived from feminine personal names, retained from the Romanian Anthroponymic database (BDAR), with a frequency of more than 100, structured according to regions and counties.
doi:10.52505/1857-4300.2021.1(313).03 fatcat:crvt7zdxmbhszji7fl255p4j7m