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mechanical experimental setup to simulate vocal folds vibrations: preliminary results

Nicolas Ruty, Annemie Van Hirtum, Xavier Pelorson, Ines Lopez, Avraham Hirschberg
This paper contributes to the understanding of vocal folds oscillation during phonation. In order to test theoretical models of phonation, a new experimental set-up using a deformable vocal folds replica is presented. The replica is shown to be able to produce self sustained oscillations under controlled experimental conditions. Therefore different parameters, such as those related to elasticity, to acoustical coupling or to the subglottal pressure can be quantitatively studied. In this work we
more » ... ed. In this work we focused on the oscillation fundamental frequency and the upstream pressure in order to start (on-set threshold) either end (off-set threshold) oscillations in presence of a downstream acoustical resonator. As an example, it is shown how this data can be used in order to test the theoretical predictions of a simple one-mass model.
doi:10.21248/zaspil.40.2005.264 fatcat:3mawexvzfzdlbgnto77db7rnzy