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Organic analysis

1919 The Analyst  
reference to the method described by Shaffer and Marriot (ANALYST, 1914,39,184) for the estimation of acetone and /3-hydroxybutyric acid in urine, in which use is made of MeBsingers' method for the estimation of acetone, the following work wag done to control the accuracy of that method: A sample of acetone regenerated from the bisulphite compound was purified by distillation with permanganate and then with calcium ohloride. The product was then submitted to fractional distillation, and the
more » ... lation, and the fraction distilling at 56' to 75' C collected. Very considerable care is required in making up and manipulating dilute aqueous solutions of acetone. The sample is weighed out in a, small glass bulb of 2 t o 3 C.C. oapacity. The bulb is dropped into a 2-litre measuring flask and broken under water, the solution being then made up to the mark. Precautions are required to prevent loss of acetone in measuring off this dilute
doi:10.1039/an9194400173 fatcat:3fvwl2c7fvbgxj6m4r34ywnmiq