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Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD, DEWART, PA

i» m tmrntumm OF m mmm mxm &mmm m vm mrnnxwn RAILSOAB mm rmm, pa., m On ffovaatoex 33, 1018, there *eut a heM-ea& ootlislom b#t*e«sft TWO extra freltfst trala* m the l^tuwlvania nallrood mm Sostwt* fm«, *hioh room tad IE the 4et*h @ eapleyeaa and THE injury OF a eapleyeoa. After IAVEETL&ttloa the Chief OF the Bureau* OF SAFETY ra#orf & *>* fellowst THE WiliJUm^rt Dividian of the Pen»sylr«yiia fcfcil-*oa*i t U&OA whioh thin &mHm% cj&#bft#a, ie touble-tiRAok line ova* ahloh train* ere ar^rated BY
more » ... in* ere ar^rated BY ti»e table rights end train ordera, buf^lenetited by a twttual BLOOK ayeteou Xa*teouad extra. 14fg ooaeieted OF engine 1478* ft loaded *wt AND 1 aapty* aai, aevt *%B in eherga of 0ea<toiOt©r f!t. 01 AIR ^afi;t Sriginevian Xhiff* IT left femora, pa*, at 4
doi:10.21949/1506698 fatcat:ur3ghxuphff5zmxjqhwqvl3ade