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Fausto Ferrer FRÓES, Marcelo Soares de CARVALHO
2017 Blucher Engineering Proceedings   unpublished
This invention, for use in automobiles of all sizes, refers to an electronic device which automates the up/down feature of vehicles power-window systems, and simultaneously controls the air-conditioning, and/or any other electronic/electromechanical device connected to it as the vehicle's speed varies. This invention is meant to raise and lower windows as the vehicle speeds down and up to a preset speed, and simultaneously triggers other electronic devices connected to it, for example when the
more » ... r example when the vehicle slows down to speeds below 20 km/hr. It has been designed to allow only the driver's window to lower as vehicles often circulate with no passengers. It may also switch off other electronic devices connected to it when the vehicle reaches speeds above 60 km/hr (adjustable preset speed). Additionally, the invention has been designed to exchange intra and extra vehicle information solutions by means of a wireless network and GSM/GPRS. Such feature has not yet been developed by any prior art as verified by searches carried out in the patent database, which showed that no patent has brought forth a technological solution featuring identical functions and purposes of this invention. Once enabled, the device will be activated in a variety of situations, such as, for example, when approaching traffic red lights, in slow traffic, at night, or when approaching speed bumps, tollbooths, crossing and turning point, driving on rough roads, entering drive-throughs, always ensuring safety to vehicle occupants.
doi:10.5151/engpro-simea2017-16 fatcat:ey7suv7dh5eobkazaubhsoh7de