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Foreword [chapter]

N. P. Kefford
1980 Sugarcane Crop Logging and Crop Control  
A dominant theme for agricultural production throughout the world is the utilization of the resources that can influence a crop, such that optimal sustained productivity is obtained. This is the theme of Dr. Clements' book, and it is, therefore, a timely and critical guidepost to the many workers who are now striving toward optimal productivity for specific crops in environments throughout the world. The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the factors within a crop and in the
more » ... d in the environment of a crop, which can be studied and manipulated, and which can be utilized to achieve optimal sustained yield. Dr. Clements presents a case study of the research and technology necessary for bringing a crop, by successive steps, toward optimal sustained productivity. The specific crop is sugarcane, but the philosophy, approach, principles, and practices apply to all crops, as has already been proven in Hawaii and elsewhere in the world. It is appropriate that the case center upon sugarcane, because it is with this crop in Hawaii that a systematic approach to optimal production first achieved a desirable level of sophistication. The approach of the book as a scientific text is significant. The most common scientific approach is analytical-the taking apart of systems, structures,
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